Purely Organic Products Seed Packets (Mix & Match Bunch of 100 Packets)

Purely Organic Seed Packets are available in several great vegetable and herb varieties. All Purely Organic seeds are open-pollinated, heirloom, non-GMO, and certified organic. When purchasing a Mix & Match Bunch please email us a list of preferred packet varieties and quantities after your order has been placed. (Quantities may be limited on some seed varieties.)
  • $269.00
  • $439.00

Freshly Packed: These seeds are packed for the current growing season and will provide high germination rates next year as well.

Premium Packaging: All seeds from Purely Organic Products are packaged in individually styled packets ideal for gifts, storage or immediate use. Each packet displays the flower, vegetable, plant or herb variety on the front with instructions and plant facts on the back.